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Components of the system


 Sensors in the vehicle


In the vehicle’s tank fuel inlet it is installed a sensor (TAG). This sensor is easily installable with the adequate adapter for each kind of vehicle in individual.  It is an installation minimally invasive for the vehicle structure and for its electrical systems, spending very short time as the supplied sensors are already programmed with specific numbers.


Dispenser sensors


In each of the fuel nuzzles is installed a sensor. The sensor is connected with two wires to the internal part of the dispenser to an electronic control unit (ECU).



ECU’s Controller Units  (Station Pump Controller Plus)


From each dispenser, the units control the sensors (ECU), are communicated with a dispenser controller (SPC Plus), by the same current loop connection already existing in the majority of the fuel stations. This means that it is not necessary to do extra installations or new wirings to incorporate the system. 

In the installed controllers at the big consumers of fuel industries, the data registered in every supply is stored in the controller and also transmitted to the office of the company by a wired or wireless connection. 


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