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Functioning of the Fleet Control System


When the vehicle is in the Gas Station placed next to the gas pump, or in the industrial place next to the company pump, at the moment of inserting the dispenser nozzle in the fuel tank inlet, before starting the gas sale, the vehicle will be identified by the software running in the gas station or in the company by the sensors installed in the dispenser and in the vehicle.

The FCS recognizes the vehicle and authorizes the dispenser to start the transaction.

If while the fuel is loading, the dispenser nozzle is withdrawn more than five centimeters away of the tank inlet, the transaction will be stopped until the nozzle is inserted correctly again so the sensors may authorize the flow of fuel again.

If the dispenser is stopped more than the programmed time, the system will finish the loading, and proceeds to the automatic billing.

The procedures previously exposed can be programmed in the Fleet Control System according the customers needs.

This system is applicable in gas stations and also in companies with important fuel consume that have dispensers of their own (static or mobile) to supply the vehicle fleet.





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